you think that we connect, that the chemistry's correct.

first off, i just realized that just about every blog post title of this month is a Fleetwood Mac lyric. i suppose i've got Stevie on the brain for i'm actually dressing as the gold dust woman herself for Halloween... well for Saturday that is (still being a clown for Friday). i even recruited my friend Alex to be my Lindsey Buckingham! the greatest part is he needed no convincing. all he asks is that i help outfit him so it looks like a last minute Salvation Army run is in order!

on that note, thought i'd squeeze a classic No Doubt lyric in because this AMAZING collection by Christopher Kane for Versus reminds me of young ms. Stefani... circa Tragic Kingdom.

but seriously... i love what Christopher Kane is doing. he just knows how to cut a dress, you know? this is like the punk rock take on his Spring 2010 line with all the ginghams. the dresses are so wearable but not boring in the slightest. he does cut-outs so well and he's got the wrapping, and pattern mixing DOWN and he has an interesting take on the sheer trend.

(her plaid pants! am i right??)

(man do i miss young Gwen...)

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