but when you build your house, well then call me "home."

you'll notice all these photos are all very close and you don't get a very good sense of my actual room but there's a reason for that... i'm still not entirely moved in so i'm simply avoiding boxes and messes that are not exactly "picturesque."

(my new desk - a vintage sewing table from the 20s! it was only $49!).

(on the far left is the sewing machine that was in the table. this is the mantle in my room but we also have one in the living room).

(i got this chest of drawers at the same spot that i got the desk and it was $90! the best part was that it was FULL of things from the 60s... bed sheets, undergarments, a crochet sweater, dishcloths, and best of all, letters! not to mention, rent cheque receipts for like $70??).

(my bathroom).

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Meredith said...

Dani, I am drooooling over your room and the bathroom too! I can't wait to see it in person sometime... Seriously, I am so, so impressed... and that vintage furniture, amazing!