iron maiden.

Oyster Magazine.
published: december 2010.
photographer: pierre toussaint.
model: meghan collison.


i've got my feet on the ground and i don't go to sleep to dream.

apparently this BDG sweater i'm wearing below was loosely inspired by this Proenza Fall 11 sweater above. got the reference right away!

(thrifted rayon dress from Salvation Army, BDG sweater from Urban, tights from Century 21, Jeffrey Campbell creepers from LF).

i would rather be reading Vogue China.

‘MEMORIES OF TARTAN’ editorial with Han Jin photographed by Serge Leblon and styled by Jacob K for Vogue China – January 2008.

why is Vogue China so much better then American Vogue?


the future was our skin and now we don't dream anymore.

(jan. 15. sequin sweater from the BK Flea, jeans from H&M).

completely forgot i had this sweater... i got it in the beginning of last summer, so naturally i packed it away for the winter and of course completely forgot about it. until last weekend i saw it shimmering in my pile of sweaters and thought NOW IS THE TIME!


workin' on my ROAAR!!

(jan. 14. Kensie sweater from Plum Clothing, my fave rocker kid shirt from Razzmatazz Vintage, Ecote shorts from Urban Outfitters, tights from Century 21, creepers from Trash and Vaudeville).


sweet tooth.

(Free People catalogue).

(from Dazed and Confused mag).

(from Dazed and Confused mag).

(from Dazed and Confused mag).

(my take on the Free People braid with coloured clip-in hair extensions from Urban).

coloured hair is not getting old any time soon. so the bottom line is, which colour do i choose??


magnified plaid.

(jan. 13th. cropped Wilfred sweater from Aritzia, Cooperative scarf from Urban, heat-tech shirt from Uniqlo and plaid zip-front Marc by Marc skirt).

so i realize this post is less about the sweater and more about the skirt but that's sort of the point. everyone needs a sweater that they can legit throw on with anything but won't necessarily detract from the outfit as a whole. and that's just what this sweater does, it's a perfect cropped fit and washed out black so goes with everything. including this amaaazing Marc skirt. it's pretty much my fave skirt except what blows is the fact that i look like a complete penguin when i teeter around it.


when i think about my life, i wanna kiss myself goodbye.

(jan. 12. lavender mohair sweater thrifted from Village Thrift in jersey).

i have been wanting to recreate Liv Tyler's outfit in Empire Records for TOO long now. i still don't think i'm quite there (i really wish this sweater was a tad more cropped for some of that "above belly button action") and i just don't think my skirt is QUITE short enough. but we're getting there. i actually flipped when i found this sweater. i really do love the colour and i'm DYING to try it out with my new lavender lipstick (yes, we'll get to that soon). despite the whole Empire Records reference, the sweater's just so simple with it's cut and crew-neck, but the subtlety of the colour and the mohair and the half-cardigan stitch... just makes it YUMMY!

(plaid printed denim skirt from Beacons Closet in Park Slope).

(i feel like this should be the cover of some "young-adult" novel about like totally not fitting in, and lusting over the prom king who completely doesn't even know i exist).


if you're going to get any joy out of being depressed, you've got to stand like this.

(jan. 11. Salvation Army thrifted sweater and dress).

my favourite part about this sweater is that the white bits are angora and fluffy. my least favourite part is the fact that i shrunk it by mistake. it's a tough thing to get over, when you shrink one of your favourite pieces of clothing.

"this is my depressed stance. when you're depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. the worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you'll start to feel better. if you're going to get any joy out of being depressed, you've got to stand like this." - Charlie Brown.

with a girl on your arm and your heart on your sleeve.

(jan. 10. linen blouse bought in the south of France, daisy-printed Top Shop jeans and thrifted cotton heart sweater.)

i love this one and i always get comments on it. i love that the little hearts look like little pincushions, but i think there might have been more of them in the past. i also really appreciate the subtle stitch detail all over the sweater. it gives it a great texture!).


expecting softness can lead to foolishness.

(jan. 6. thrifted classic Cowichan sweater with Forever 21 charcoal layer sweater, plaid maxi skirt from Anthro, and vintage books).


there's something living in these lies.

(jan. 4. thrifted classic norwegian fairisle sweater, Dale of Norway, and Free People top).

(with cream faux double breasted coat... or WAS double breasted... garage sale find).

(jan. 5. cable tree bamboo sweater made by yours truly, black and white anthropologie dress).