get me away from here i'm dying.

Agyness Deyn, shot by famed photographer Alasdair McLellan and styled by Beat Bolliger for the September issue of V Magazine – the New York Issue #67. i've always liked Agyness Deyn but never been obsessed. i guess i've never really cared for models period - i'm always too busy looking at the clothes they are wearing. now? now i am obsessed with Agyness Deyn. no one can pull of this haircut like she can, and i DIE for the way this shoot was styled.

"The Secret of Downtown Style? Anything Goes When the Attitude is Right. If these East Village Denizens Look Right At Home In Their Magpie Mix of Knits, Mesh, Denim, and Velvet. It’s Because They Are."

(looking the epitome of badass on the cover of LOVE).


Front Row Mode said...

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Kyla Love said...

i just worked with Beat in italy and he is super rad, as is this story. its just cool


dani d. said...

really?? i had never heard about him until i saw this spread. i better look into his work!