the future of fashion(s).

i might be a little MIA for the next week or two! the reason being... my first senior collection garment has to be 95% done by Wednesday of next week! and my 2nd (Cotton Inc) garment has to be 75% done. wooopie! i have a lot left to do... but on that note! another reason i might not be spending as much time on my personal blog is that i've been made a contributor for the newly established FIT BFA Fashion Show blog!! it's been really fun thus far, i've pretty much just been updating it whenever i have made some notable progress on my garments.

now this is exciting on it's own, but the best part is that one of my girls, Krickie (who also has a kickass blog,
freakybananakins), has been interning at Refinery29, and told them about our site! Krickie was granted permission to write a post about us, and from there we've gotten even more press! a day or two later, NBC New York wrote about us, and yesterday, the Sundance Channel's Full Frontal Fashion, did another blurb!

extra! extra! read all about it!


the dark side of the rainbow.

a while back i posted about my Fall 2011 collection, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, with a few pics from my sketchbook etc. this semester is our first without an actual art and design class, but we're using our already created portfolio to develop an "E-portfolio". here are a couple of pieces i've worked on. the video below is actually embedded into the image above it, but i can't for the life of me figure out how to actually post that "interactive file" on the blog. ehhh i'll figure it out eventually. you can see the video bigger here: the girl who loved wild horses slideshow.

this here (below) is another assignment we had. sort of a "leave behind" meant to kind of give you a taste of my style and skillz. the original artwork and designs were actually done a year ago in my Junior year, but i still really like the project! i think it was like during the 80s that someone realized that when you play the film of the Wizard of Oz muted, and then listen to the Dark Side of the Moon record at the same time, the visuals of the movie combined with the music on the record correspond in this crazy seemingly intentional fashion. so despite the fact that i have never actually done this (i know, i know, Holden Caufield! i am a phony!), that whole concept was my inspiration behind this collection. and they call it Dark Side of the Rainbow (hence the name of my collection), and other names for it are the Dark Side of Oz and The Wizard of Floyd (a personal fave).


come on and get your overdose. collect it at the borderline.

in my humble opinion, Broken Bells is the most incredible collaboration since Gwen Stefani and Eve. in fact, it far surpasses Lil' Mama and Avril Lavigne and i'll even venture to say that Kid Rock and Weezy got nothing on this. and that is saying something.

i have been a fan of James Mercer since the early days of the Shins (circa Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too Narrow which are without a doubt in my top 10 albums of all time), and a few years ago discovered Flake Music which existed before the Shins (check it out, for the love of the universe!). and now, i have been introduced to Broken Bells, a combo of the Shins' James Mercer and Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse. it is exactly what you'd expect: an explosive yet magical chemical reaction between a delightful indie pop, smart-melody-making, quirky lyric inventor and a hip hop, Grammy-award winning, beat dropping, multi-instrumentalist and production mastermind.

this first track is their first single and the second one has been in my head all week long. it was a complete surprise to see that Mercer was doing the lead vocals on this track because i had just assumed it was someone else in the band!



hello, daddy. hello, mom. i'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

saw the Runaways on Sunday night! i think it's still limited distribution but should be in theatres everywhere pretty soon. as soon as i heard Dakota Fanning was playing a skanky/coke-head/rockstar, i was all like, "hell yeah, Joy, i'll see that with yah!". now while it was no cinematic genius and Kristen Stewart still gets under my skin just as much as the next greasy teenager, the shoes were the stars of the show. i kid you not, those were some badass platforms. inspired by the flick, i created an "If I Were a Runaway Today" outfit collage... I seriously do not feel like identifying where i got each piece since it seriously took me so long to find everything, and put it all together, so if you have any inquiries, well... inquire! (woah, serious italics there).

(the real Runaways!)


here, right as I am, it's hard having fun... it's much easier said than it's done.

new Yeasayer video for O.N.E. does not disappoint (is anyone surprised?)! in fact, it's pretty inspiring and i put together a bunch of images that look like they could have gone on the storyboard. just watching this has me thinking how RAD it would be to do costume/wardrobe design... WAH more career options!!


if you like it then you shoulda... you know.

i would like one in every colour please. to wear according to my mood. and they're so cheap!

(from By Boe, $16.50 leather rings).


and now my fur has turned to skin, and i've been quickly ushered in.

the incredible work of Eleanor Wood.

happiness is a warm gun.

also... completely and utterly off topic, but check out the new blog i'm now a part of: Future of Fashion.

and also, also, you can now reach my blog from www.dani-d.com!!


fresh prints.

woah wholly amazing print excitement!! seriously... i think these were done in the late 80s/early 90s (durr) but how friggen relevant are they now?? sort of Jeremy Scott referencing his old high school French books (or maybe that's just a Canadian/French Canadian reference?). the artist is named Nathalie Du Pasquier, but by the look of her website, she's sort of over the whole 80s/90s bold, graphic, colour explosion, print loveliness.

more than anything, these prints remind me of the intro theme song to...


(and Preppy's all like, "TIMEOUT.... you think you're sooo smart.")

but also a little bit of...

(oh my gosh and this is just like a TOTAL bonus addition to the post... totally rad, huh?)