the typical boy gets the typical girl. the typical girl gets the typical boy.

so yes, i am the last to know that Ari Up has passed away. it's funny because i was just starting to discover my love for the Slits, and realized that they had been touring in recent years. i was getting pretty jazzed actually. Ari passed on the 20th to cancer, she was only 48.

Ari was a German-born singer known for her roll as front-woman for the English punk band, the Slits. the all girl band started up in the late 70s and was hands down the best all-girl band on the scene. Ari's mom, Nora, was the coolest. she was friends with Jim Hendrix, dated Chris Spedding, and married the Sex Pistol's lead singer, John Lydon. their home was a sort of punk stomping ground where many traveling musicians passed on through. growing up in this environment, even learning to play the guitar from Joe Strummer, it's no coincidence that Ari ended up as the front woman of the legendary Stilts. she was fourteen when they formed! she was known for her quirky, wild fashion sense, fusing the reggae and punk styles that were present in her music. she was doing her own thing and even today, there is no one quite like her.

(this is not really directly inspired by Ari but she was on my mind when i put the outfit together this morning. these are my new 80%20 shoes from Urban!).

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