what's amazing is when you can feel your life going somewhere. like, your life just figured out how to get good. like, that second.

(Claire Danes and A.J. Langer in My So Called Life).

always a fave, Charlotte Ronson has done it again! the first few looks i was little skeptical... maybe even a little bored. but out comes Angela and Rayanne and i am TOTALLY into it. very Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 1992 (in which he got fired as a result). the 90s is back with a vengeance and i'm into it.

(Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis).

(plaid shirt from Plum, vintage Levis jean shorts, thrifted snakeskin purse, Hue tights, navy blue Dr Martens).


well focus on the quasar in the mist.

outfit inspired by Pavement's video for Stereo in lieu of their recent concerts in NYC. a sweater is totes inappropes to be wearing outside right now but i thought i'd throw it on for the pic.

(sweater from thrift store in Queens, top from Something Else in Brooklyn, belt from Plum in Vancouver, thrifted Banana Republic linen shorts).

(assorted necklaces from my mom).

(flea market watches).

(spectator shoes from Top Shop).

tie your kids home to their beds, clean their heads.


you rip off your sleeves and i ditch my socks.

(the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens at the beginning of summer with Mel, Niv and Amanda).

not sure i'm ready to say goodbye to summer days. not sure i'm ready to say goodbye to summer nights.

not sure i'm ready to say goodbye to my apartment, to the view from my window, to friendly South Slope and the Roots crew, to drunken nights at South bar, to Prospect Park days, to Greenwood Cemetery, to the Brooklyn flea, to Brooklyn in general, to any concert i could dream of going to, to the morning commute with the view of the Brooklyn Bridge, to the trusty R-train, to the always entertaining B63 bus, to familiar faces, to goofing off with my roommates, to hilarious Domenick run-ins, to my friends... i could go on forever, i'm not sure i'm ready to.

(our first ever stoop sale that truly commenced the summer).


(Prospect Park days... Hayley, Casey, Meredith and Krickie).

(after the Roots show at the Bandshell - Joy and Alex).

(in the Salvation Army by the Classon stop with Boo).

(backgammon in Greenwood Cemetery with Dani B).

(my birthday cake).

(sisterly rivalry - Hayley and Krickie).

(Water Taxi Beach - Joy).

(view of South Park Slope with Manhattan in the background).

(Monique, Dani B, and myself in Prospect Park).

(Tom, Joy and Dan on the 4th of July).

(Greenwood Cemetery with Dani B and Danielle).

(Dan's rooftop).

(Movie's With a View - Annie Hall).

(Water Taxi Beach with Joy).

(4th of July fireworks).

(a funky bug in Casey's hand).

(Dan's roof again).

(West Indies Day Parade on Eastern Parkway).

(Joy's "tranny hot mess birthday party").

(water towers in Brooklyn).

(Prospect Park with Dani B - photo by Dayna).