haring, jones and warhol.

(original polaroid of Keith Haring painting Grace Jones, signed by Andy Warhol. woah).

sold for $2,425 on Ebay.


the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

(felt a little like this yesterday...)

(being that it's almost friday, feeling a little more like this today...)

that chick is truly dazzling.

(just dazzling!!).

Carven Fall 2011 was splendid, truly splendid.




entertain us.

UK's Ashish F/W 2011. made for me. i would like everything pleaseandthankyou.

(feel like i might have liked the sweaters better without all of the intentional holes...).

(teen idle... love it).

(sequin plaid!! and i usually don't even LIKE sequins!).

(love the roots, especially the red and brown).

(will my hair ever be this long again?).