and by magic, i mean “trickery” and by Midas, i mean “faith.”

in celebration of graduating and being DONE WITH SCHOOL (at least for now), i decided to rearrange my room. i figured it would be an easy way to reconstruct my bedroom as a place of peace and comfort, and somewhere to chill out, and erase that sense of being a workroom and reminder of those many all-nighters i endured while still in school. during this process i realized i was so over the whole poster thing, and would need to take down my Trainspotting and Breakfast Club posters. that's just so teen bedroom, no? so now i'm left with some silk-screened concert artwork, a crazy awesome needle-point of a peacock, and a map of Green-wood Cemetery. so now i figure my walls are pretty boring... i plan to paint one or two walls (any suggestions for colour? keep in mind i WILL have to paint it back after). ALSO, i have about a million cones of yarn that i think i could have a lot of fun with. i was thinking that above my bed i could put about 15 nails in the wall in the form of a rainbow and put my yarns on those. would that be totally awesome or look super awkward?? but i also would love one really awesome piece of original artwork which leads me to the actual purpose of my post haha. i've been looking for illustrators that i could possibly buy a print or something from and a came across these 4 artists that i am now minorly obsessed with:

this is Heath Killen...

he's a freelance graphic designer & artist based in Australia. he's SUPER versatile but i like his Australian landscapes series the best (below the movie soundtrack art).

(uhh how do i see this movie with the awesome title??)

this is Carine Brancowitz...

she does a lot of fashion ads and promotional stuff but it's her personal art that's simply amazing.

(i need that wallpaper. or as a print on a dress).

this is Betsy Walton...

i discovered her work in the store i work at (Urban Alchemist), and i would totally buy one of her prints if we carried them in bigger than 8.5X11! check out her blog, she gives really awesome descriptions of each piece.

this is Patrick Gildersleeves...

he lives in seaside Brighton and i am kind of obsessed with him. look below for my reasoning. also, his blog rocks as well.


and the grandson of an alien wears his snake-skin boots, and shows his reptile roots.

(Stephen Jenkins).

school is over. therefore i am back and ready to blog.

a few months ago i got a notification on facebook to become a fan of this site, Style Like U. thinking it was just another (would someone please explain how all these people have these professional photos taken of themselves??), i sort of overlooked it. then i started to notice people linking different editions to their pages and was intrigued. i was totally impressed when i started to explore the site and realized that it was simply a site with a great appreciation for personal style. it's not all about fashion, trends and fads, but truly a look into someone's wardrobe and their personal attachment and love of their own individual pieces in their closet. this, to me, is what i love the most about "fashion." in fact, it's not even a love of fashion, it's an obsession with clothing and personal style. i have a truly crazy attachment to some of my clothing and the stories of how i found them, how i bargained for them, and what they have been through all contribute to the love i have for the items in my closet. on Sunday my roomies and i had a stoop sale and it was REALLY difficult to get rid of some things. despite whether i wear them or not! on the other hand, seeing them all on the pavement sort of put things into perspective for me a tad...

i was visiting the site today and saw the name Stephen Jenkins on the list of past closets. being the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, one of my fave bands, dating back to THIRD GRADE, i was super intrigued. i also thought, what an unusual contender, not being in the "fashion limelite" at all. it was super interesting hearing him talk about his clothing, and how he thinks you should buy a few amazing things and just "wear the shit out of them". not really MY perspective on shopping but perhaps i should take note! he also talks about how some of his favourite clothes are the one's that's first reactions are "are you actually wearing that?!". i love that.


(Stephen Jenkins).