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our 14th gold metal. super proud to be Canadian right now. kind of really wish i were home right now.


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best of NY fashion week fall 2010 - according to me.

now this list is by NO MEANS complete; you'll notice i didn't even include Proenza Schouler (we will get to that). these are simply what i thought were the best collections that i saw. there were some insanely amazing pieces in some other collections (that tan cloak/coat in the Wang show, and did anyone take a peak at the Tommy collection? when did Tommy get so cool??). *sidenote* i will admit i was a little disappointed by Alex Wang, Boy by Band of Outsiders, Charlotte Ronson and Karen Walker... i just felt like i needed to put that out there seen as they are usually in my top 10. and some that i list here are NOT usually in my top anything so way-to-go fashion week for totally surprising me!

HI knits, HI! awesome knits in this show. and just generally all together well put together. totally digging that tulip-y/petal-y skirt. kind of reminiscent of Wang's Spring collection when i liked almost everything he showed (like i said, disappointed)!

totally digging that middle look. i feel like all these collections are trying to enforce in me that LONG SKIRTS ARE COOL. GAH it's just so hard to pull off! not sure if i'm ready yet... also adore the proportions of the grey sweater on the right - i usually am not into that whole metallic painting on knits but it's so subtle being just on the cables that it works here!

something about the styling is a little too intense for me... i think it might be the hats. but the colours and individual pieces are really quite amazing. the whole collection is so friggen wearable! don't get me wrong, i love the outlandish, but i was really drawn to a lot of straightforward wearable collections this season. the coats here are amazing! they would go with everything, especially that white/grey one in the centre - just picture it with some like super bold coloured dress?? or even some insane floral print?? yes please.

that first coat is super intense but in a really badass dramatic way. check! and like i've stated before, i'm a sucker for plaid. sooo that skirt is like... well honestly it's taking me back to my private school days so not sure if i could actually wear it, but... amazing.

amazing incredible wood-grain-type-printed jersey!! and paired with that sherling coat?? can i have that??

clearly i'm a knitwear snob but actually... that sweater on the far left is so phenom i want to cry.

again, just an all-round amazing collection. and i adore the way it's pulled together so casually with those wicked, amazing cream booties.

so i watched the simulcast of the show and i was all "ehhh... i dunno. i like it more than last season but not really into it." i gave it a second look and immediately i got it! the top ones are some of my favourites but frankly that was hard to decide. i adore the 70s-ish silhouettes and details (the collars? that 3 piece suit? kind of makes me want to be a business woman and not many things make me wish something so ghastly). i also am pretty much in love with those yellows and creams he's using here... that dress on the far left is sooo pretty! and don't get me started on the dress on the far right. incredible flower-child silhouette in this insanely beautiful brocade-type fabric that at a distance looks like a field of daisies and WHOLLY WOW GORGENIOUS pewter sequins or some shit just friggen freaking out at the bottom of her dress and like mad swarming upwards like those crazy red ants on those insane Nina Ricci shoes Olivier Theyskens did before he left and was all like, "up yours i'm amazing, and you'll never find a designer like me!" last season.

amazing, amazing, amazing. but only ONE thing... that skirt length looks amazing on these 7 ft tall, gargantuan beauties but for the rest of us peasant-folk? not so sure.

lace, lace, amazing lace!! the dress on the right reminds me of my mom's wedding dress which goes to show that Marc was carrying the 70s look into Marc by Marc too.

usually i'm really bored by Marc by Marc (lately, i mean. i used to die for Marc). but this collection was a total nod to what i used to love about his clothing. those colours are scrumptious and i would wear every piece here. the first look is so effortlessly cool and just down-right straightforward sportswear glory. and don't get me started on that red-piped camel coat. perfection.

not usually someone i follow really at all, but this collection has changed my mind! all that slick, rich brown leather, tailored to perfection! again, a 70s vibe which everyone knows i die for. that first dress with the long sleeve top underneath and those over-the knee socks. very Ali Macgraw circa Love Story.

just some more amazing-ness. no big deal. those pants second to left would be my second skin if i owned them.

never ceases to amaze me! that coat on the far left?! incredible! i would wear it super casual with dark high-rise jeans and a pair of bright-coloured brogues. that green ensemble is perfection (is that top suede?!).

i love that she's chosen the simply disregard that border between "Spring and Fall colours" (in my opinion, there is no such line!!).

not a popular fave, but i am so in love with Chris Benz. he completely has his own style and his sense of colour is incredible, in my opinion. i also love that he sort of disregards all of the fads going on at the moment and just does his own thing! sometimes it doesn't quite work but you've got to give him props for just not giving a shit! okay so now i have to make an announcement. *ehem*.... of all collections i have seen this Fashion Week, though this is not my favourite, it most certainly contains my 2 fave pieces. 1. the coats on the far left. 2. the coats on the far right. i don't know what it is about them, but they just completely do it for me.

more Chris Benz lovelies! love the contrast of the navy, satin cropped jacked and the liquid metal skirt!

more to come with a separate post devoted to the majesty that is Proenza Schouler, and London Fashion Week!! (which i haven't even looked at... *ehem*)

**SIDENOTE! what the hell is with this weather?!


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how else could you tie my head to the sky?

bad blogger! sorry i've been MIA! i got a stomach virus and have not been well! no excuse... i've really wanted to make a big Fashion Week NY update but just have not had the time.

on another note, i can't stop thinking about what tattoo i'm going to get next! there are a few things but i just feel like i need some sort of illustrator who can perfectly depict what i want. i love these ones!

(Zach Condon from Beirut).



you're stuck in my mind, all the time.

so let's just begin with stating that Yeasayer is pretty much... the most amazing band on the planet. no big deal. believe it or not, i was introduced to Yeasayer a few years ago by my father. bonkers, i know. although the more i listen to it, the more it makes sense: i grew up listening to music from all over the world because of my dad, and with influences ranging from African to Middle Eastern to Indian music, it really makes sense why my dad was drawn to them. so i have been waiting three years for this new album to drop, therefore i cannot be judged for downloading it when the album leaked!! right?! anyhow, at first listen i was a little flustered. "why is this so poppy??" "is that a freaking love song??" "this is not aggressive and chant-y and chorus-y... where are you, Yeasayer??" "this sounds like Cut Copy, why does this song sound like Cut Copy?!" shhhh... be calm, i convinced myself. give it another listen. and i did. it all started to make sense (however i needed to skip over the song, ONE, for sounding like Cut Copy so as not to bother me too much). i listened to it for a full week and my opinion completely altered.

now, the show. which actually has a lot to do with my current opinion of the album. the show was... a religious experience. now a few beers might have affected my judgment a tad, but i actually felt like i was on another planet. plus i saw them in December of 2008 and i was fairly close to sober and i felt the same way then! honestly though, the show was too short. i actually felt like i could have gone on dancing and absorbing for the entire night. i actually feel like i was on the cusp of reaching Nirvana. no joke.

okay no one is going to take me seriously, but please see this band if you get a chance. i can't stop listening to the LP which i purchased at the show (redemption?? right??), and i'm actually extremely excited for the next show in May (which i purchased tickets for in December). if you enjoy crashing drumbeats, extreme build up and anticipation, catchy-as-fuck melodies, sensual voices, addictive refrains, Afropop tendencies, gnarly rock guitars, combined with some cheesy lyrics, purchase this album. you won't be sorry.

ps. for the record, ONE is an incredible song and sounds nothing like Cut Copy.

I Remember - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

Madder Red - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

Rome - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

Wait For The Summer - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

(All Hour Cymbals flashback!)

fyi, i should have a few more up on my Vimeo in a bit.

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re: blowing every time you move your teeth.

i'm about to get all defensive on behalf of Tavi Gevinson (yes, that is a link to her Wikipedia page). this might be laughable, but for seriousness people, if it weren't for this chick, i wouldn't have started this blog. so Tavi's been getting a shit tone of flack for this and that (getting free shit, missing school to go to Fashion Week shows, wearing a massive bow at a couture show which simply made her the same size as the regular adults around her...). today Tavi posted a bit of a defensive response on her blog and disabled the commenting on the post. not sure why she decided to do this, but regardless, several people commented on yesterday's post in response. i posted with the following (oh no, not lengthy at'all):

i don't think it's fair to get after Tavi like that (re: Mort). to accuse her of PLACING herself in an adults world and needing to grow up herself is simply insanity. i've been following Style Rookie for a while now and from the beginning she's been damn clear that her intent was to spread her love of clothing, art, music and, like she states, "fun". i think it's necessary to remind yourself that this girl is 13. i only wish that i could say that i had an ounce of the guts and creativity that she has when i was her age, let alone now. as an aspiring designer, i think it's pretty fucking unreal that i can safely state that she is my number one source of inspiration - i am almost ten years her senior. i come to this blog when i need a reminder as to why i'm in this in the first place. she may get a little defensive at times, but ask yourself, when you were 13, would you have had the courage to step into your middle school rocking blue hair, a neon shirt and an oversized leather jacket? imagine what her peers must say about her? Tavi, if i have any advice for you, it would be to just keep on doing what you're doing. if you're able to deflect the criticisms you get from the kids at school, i have faith you can do the same with these "grown-up" haters. just simply ignore it, and your true fans will continue to seek inspiration from you.

a selection of some of my fave Tavi outfits through the years: