haring, jones and warhol.

(original polaroid of Keith Haring painting Grace Jones, signed by Andy Warhol. woah).

sold for $2,425 on Ebay.


the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

(felt a little like this yesterday...)

(being that it's almost friday, feeling a little more like this today...)

that chick is truly dazzling.

(just dazzling!!).

Carven Fall 2011 was splendid, truly splendid.




entertain us.

UK's Ashish F/W 2011. made for me. i would like everything pleaseandthankyou.

(feel like i might have liked the sweaters better without all of the intentional holes...).

(teen idle... love it).

(sequin plaid!! and i usually don't even LIKE sequins!).

(love the roots, especially the red and brown).

(will my hair ever be this long again?).

keep me out all you like, i came to dance not to socialize.

rockin' to the beat the queen will be crowned.

can i tell you that you are the purple in me?

nothing like a new dye job to get me blogging again... and it all started with this image. well not really... i was talking about what i wanted to do and my friend, Meredith, sent me this photo. it's so badass i'm obsessed. sorry about the shameless narcissism below. i just haven't liked my hair this much in.... ever?? i can't wait for it to turn lavender, that's what i told the stylist i wanted and she assured me it would be in no time!


iron maiden.

Oyster Magazine.
published: december 2010.
photographer: pierre toussaint.
model: meghan collison.


i've got my feet on the ground and i don't go to sleep to dream.

apparently this BDG sweater i'm wearing below was loosely inspired by this Proenza Fall 11 sweater above. got the reference right away!

(thrifted rayon dress from Salvation Army, BDG sweater from Urban, tights from Century 21, Jeffrey Campbell creepers from LF).

i would rather be reading Vogue China.

‘MEMORIES OF TARTAN’ editorial with Han Jin photographed by Serge Leblon and styled by Jacob K for Vogue China – January 2008.

why is Vogue China so much better then American Vogue?