you may say that i'm a dreamer. but i'm not the only one.

a new batch of handmade dreamcatchers. i'd say i have enough now to start selling them. this all white one is actually for a friend of mine from when i interned at Opening Ceremony. her name is Kristen Oshiro and she makes this amazing jewelry and when she heard i made dreamcatchers, she suggested we do a little trade. i was so into the idea and finally we started working on our respective gifts. i am SO excited to see what she pulls together, she's using a unicorn horn pendant and i couldn't be more excited!! check out her blog, Cult of Secrets. i just love the idea of artists trading things just for the sake of trading art, don't you? no money involved, just an appreciation for each other's craft.

i couldn't be more pumped for this weekend. yes, it will be bittersweet as it is my last weekend in brooklyn, but at least i'll be leaving with a bang. friday i'm having a going away house party at my apartment, then saturday morning i'll do some packing, then in the evening i'm getting my second tattoo by the amazing Michelle at Saved Tattoo, then at night i'll be at yet another South Slope Open House where i'll actually have my dreamcatchers on display over the music area. it's going to look SO cool with little twinkle lights and the works!

(something a little different i'm trying out. i quite like it actually! i might keep this one, hang it over my bed in my new apartment).

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