POST #100: look, it's been swell, but the swelling's gone down.

(Naomi Watts and Laurie Petty).

i lied last time, this is my ACTUAL 100th post. the last time i was reading the tally including all of the drafts i hadn't discarded.

watched Tank Girl the other night. pretty darn obsessed. the movie was made in 1995 based off of the British cult-comic strip created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. Rebecca is a "tank-riding anti-heroine fight(ing) a mega-corporation, which controls the world's water supply." she's a sexual deviant, an alcohol abuser, and has quick wit and a smart mouth... she can be amazingly crass too which is lovely. sooo? Halloween costume idea?? i also love the interludes that feature drawings from the comic. it's got a few awesome tunes too...

best quotes

wanna dance?
Jet Girl: i don't know how.
Donner: it's okay, i brought the condoms!

Tank Girl: you gotta think about it like the first time you got laid. you gotta go: "daddy, are you sure this is right?"

Tank Girl: i'm gonna hit you so hard, your children will be born bruised!

Tank Girl: it's... really... hard for me... to play with myself in this thing.

soundtrack to live by:

shove - L7

drown soda - hole

big time sensuality - bjork

bomb - bush

roads - portishead *a major getting down song if you know what i mean*

let's do it, let's fall in love - joan jett and paul westerber (of the replacements) *obsessed*

blank generation - richard hell & the voidoids

shiprecked - sky cries mary


Nav said...

oh wow, i really wanna watch this now, nice recommendation!


creuter said...

oh maaaaannn i haven't seen this in so long. The creepy dog people make me uncomfortable.