a charmed hour, a haunted song.

this is one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs, and some of the best Nicks footage one can find on youtube. this woman was, and still is, an epic rockstar. i saw them at the iZod Centre back in March (when i was on blogging hiatus), and she moved me to tears. i kid you not, if i could be one person for a day, it would be her (circa the 1977 Rumours tour.. but that would mean i wouldn't be dating Lindsey Buckingham... i might have to revise this plan).

(the best bits are when Stevie and Lindsey get really into it from 2:39-3:14 and when Stevie dances at 4:23).


my hat taught me a very important lesson today.

so this morning started just like any other morning. only it didn't because i "accidentally overslept" by two hours (who decided to make friday morning 8am classes?? who?). i was getting ready as per uje (this is the spelling i have created for the abbreviation of 'usual.' runners up, with honourable mention were: usge, yooj, and uakjsghkah), and i decided today would be a hat day. perhaps the first of the season. mostly due to the fact that i am bored of my summer hats and would like to find a gibson girl-esque one to replace my wilted straw fedoras. think Marc Jacob's 'rachello boater hats' circa the fall 09 collection (though not loving his stuff lately... *ehem* marc by marc fall 09 *ehem* excuse me while i chunder all over my mom's neon power suit from the 80s *ehem*... i loved his Marc Jacobs fall 09 collection).

moving on... so normally i would collect my things, and put my green headphones on, and head out the door. however, somewhere in the process of doing this it occured to me that the hat on my head had suddenly become a sort of obstruction. in realization of this, i decided i could go a day without my tunage, as it had already been decided that today was a hat day (this decision came after trying to manage both together... i tried puting my headphones over the had, but failed miserably, and the only way i could wear them under was if i wore my hat sideways. needless to say, this didn't seem like a viable option).

out the door i went, only to discover the following things:

1. birds chirp in the morning in brooklyn - this can work as a refreshing replacement to my daily soundtrack.

2. people are full of compliments - getting of the R train, and onto the N, a woman told me she liked my necklace! also, a kind man on 8th ave told me he liked my hat! i had no idea that one person could say something to another person in passing (both of which not knowing eachother) and it not contain crude remarks! i finally realized that by wearing my headphones, i am closing myself off from the beauties of New York City, and perhaps making myself unapproachable for my Prince Charming.

one might think that this would be reason enough to have my ears alert in the morning and evening during my commute - which, don't get me wrong, i will try out maybe every other day? - but i also learned some things that put me off a tad...

1. the train is a very quiet place in the morning. very quiet. like... painfully quiet. like, all-i-hear-is-the-hum-of-the-train-tracks-quiet. i am not a huge fan of silence.

2. cars honk a LOT, and firetrucks are REALLY loud.

3. people are a lot less happy then they appear to be - i believe that this assumption that people are generally chipper in the morning might have been swayed by my listening to Simon and Garfunkel as i walk down 7th ave. but people are like really angry sometimes. i guess i always assumed that the cab driver was opening his door and getting out of his car and hollering at the biker he just about ran over to tell him how wonderful it was to see someone using such a non-damaging mode of transportation... feelin' groovy!

4. the obese children on their way home from school are very loud and obnoxious - sorry, kids, but you are really annoying.

speaking of obese children, yet with no relation to that subject at all, i saw Vetiver last night at the Bellhouse. wicked venue, it was my first time there. as far as i know, it's fairly new. i am SUPER happy about it's opening because it is walking distance from my apartment. the first opener was These United States, and i really enjoyed that show - kind of folk-y, pop-y indie rock from DC/Kentucky - fun to dance to. the other opener was Papercuts, a little sleepy and perhaps took itself too seriously but quality music (beautiful drummer. like wow). and Vetiver was STELLAR! long set-list (which my wonderful-dancing-front-and-centre-like-she's-in-a-rap-video roomie pulled off the stage for me!) chalked full of the best old and new tracks. all together great show, i'll post pics/vids once i find my camera chord!