falling from the branches of the trees.

hiatus. i know. work is like... work. you know? i'm doing what i love but no one likes long hours and when i get home i just do not feel like blogging. i don't want to force myself to do it, either. i want it to be organic or else what's the point? i have to remind myself why i began this and i know it wasn't to have another chore. anyhow a few things...

firstly, sold my first dreamcatcher on my etsy page! really thrilled about that (even opening my etsy shop is news to any blog followers). right before i moved to Philly my friend put on the huge Open House fundraiser (i'll post pics eventually), and a number of artists and musicians exhibited their work etc. it was a total blast. anyhow, my dreamcatchers were on display their but this is just me rambling, my new shop is called GoldDustDreams.

okay also this is just a random outfit post, not sure how frequent these are going to be any more... the editing got funky, but i like it. had to resort to photo booth because i left my camera chord in brooklyn for literally a month. speaking of which, Halloween pics (yes, Halloween. remember that holiday? the one before Thanksgiving that happened like a month ago?) still yet to be posted.

(acrylic/angora thrifted sweater - salvation army, lace with flounce blouse - h&m, vintage levis shorts, fairisle socks - Century 21, leather wedges - nine west, crystal necklace on brass chain - loyalty and blood, crystal/unicorn horn/vintage beads necklace - cult of secrets --> this is the necklace my friend, Kristin, gave me as an exchange for the dreamcatcher!!).