and the goodbye makes the journey harder still.

yes, i have been m.i.a. for over a week now... apologies, big life changes. last wednesday i made the move from brooklyn to philadelphia. okay, it's a whole of about 3 hours away but to me, this is pretty big. my life in brooklyn was comfortable. and not in the boring/monotonous sort of way, but special and exciting with a general feeling of "this fits. this is right." but i'm growing up and realizing that sometimes indisputably incredible opportunities come up that you would be crazy to refuse. an assistant design position at Urban Outfitters was one such opportunity. so here i am.

my new apartment is BONKERS. the building was made in the 1830s and has all the original flooring but has been completely refinished. however it IS atop a seafood restaurant so we notice a particular stench a couple times a week. regardless, it is SUPER beautiful... i even have one of those small circular bay windows in my room, and also a fireplace mantle. my mom and i went shopping for furniture last week but i wanted to play with the style of the place so i initially avoided IKEA and opted for some 2nd hand gems. and gems i found. pictured to come...

now on a TOTALLY RANDOM note, i bought this lipstick at a DOLLAR STORE after i almost bought an identical one at Sephora for $19. reminds me of the shade that Adrienne Shelly wears in the really awkward early 90s movie, Trust, that i sort of regret watching but loved for the outfit she wore in the first scene so i guess it was worth it?

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