emerald eyes is a mystery... she's my place of serenity.

(thrifted emerald green turban/cloche, cropped Wilfred sweater from Aritzia, Salvation Army thrifted dress, Salvation Army thrifted mustard jacket that was clearly custom made for someone, Hue leggings, and thrifted calf-lined riding boots... wow, this is an almost fully thrifted outfit).

today i decided to sport my thrifted emerald green turban/cloche. for some reason i thought i could only wear this hat if i were really dressing up but i'm not sure what gave me that idea? i love dressing myself with any sort of contrast and this one is almost too easy! i was imagining that i had to save it for some special occasions but seriously, how good would this look if worn with a pair of jeans and a simple sweater? very Audrey Hepburn. i, however, was going to a classy play titled Deep Throat. ever heard of it? it's sort of a documentary type idea around the adult film of the same title which came out in the 70s. damn, i was NOT expecting that much nudity. boobs, sure. bums? alright. but we're talking FULL FRONTAL everything. it was pretty fantastic.

i really want to wear more cloche's this fall... i have a couple of them but i could use another turban type one!

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A and A said...

Those riding boots..... arrrrrrgghhh, lusting. Hard.
love from San Francisco.