well focus on the quasar in the mist.

outfit inspired by Pavement's video for Stereo in lieu of their recent concerts in NYC. a sweater is totes inappropes to be wearing outside right now but i thought i'd throw it on for the pic.

(sweater from thrift store in Queens, top from Something Else in Brooklyn, belt from Plum in Vancouver, thrifted Banana Republic linen shorts).

(assorted necklaces from my mom).

(flea market watches).

(spectator shoes from Top Shop).


Giuppy d'Aura said...

i do do love your outfit dear!

dani d. said...

thank you kindly!

Isabel said...

The sweater is absolutely wicked!! I'm kinda sad that I've only started listening to Pavement quite recently. Better late than never i suppose.

alix said...

nice brecelts and watch :)
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