indecent exposure.

went into Manhattan yesterday to meet someone at the Ace hotel and this is what i wore. people wonder if i feel weird in public wearing something outrageous (really though... i don't think this is a crazy outfit but some people just don't get the shoes), but honestly i usually don't! when people are staring at me, i kind of like it to be honest. it's empowering to know that i've chosen to walk out in public sporting something that not a lot of people would venture to wear. example: today i got off the subway pretty early to meet this person, so i walked into the JC Penny in Manhattan Mall and i-kid-you-not, these two young guys by the escalators were laughing at me! like... people DO that!! i couldn't believe it! so i smiled and waved at them which just added fuel to the fire and they laughed even more. well! i brought a good giggle to these two boring individuals, and that is something i am proud of!

what i'm not proud of though, is that at the end of the day i walked perhaps all the way from the subway to my apartment door with my entire right butt cheek exposed. i don't usually wear thongs with dresses but i was rushing out the door yesterday morning and forgot to switch them up. i realized this mishap right when i got to the door and i reached to pull my purse around and felt my skirt length going higher and higher toward the back until my knuckles grazed skin. i let out an "eek!" and frantically started un-bunching my dress hem while i turned around to see a young Hispanic man who smiled at me as i shoved my hand into my purse and pulled out my keys and threw myself into my apartment. if YOU saw a girl unintentionally exposing her bottom, would you do the right thing??

(trifted rayon dress, Wilfred cropped sweater, Underground Originals creepers)

(my favourite lipstick: MAC's Lady Danger).


Isabel said...

This outfit rules! Funny story, when I was in the American Museum of Natural History the exact same thing happened to me! I was wearing a supershort dress and my bum was showing, luckily enough a middle-aged woman was gracious enough to tell me! Jeez, what is it with NYC and bums?

dani d. said...

thanks, Isabel! got that 90s thing goin that you love so much haha.

at least someone informed you! i might have been walking like that all day... ohh brother!