lights and mirrors dot the city. inkstained hippies with boxed lunch and marijuana.

(tie dye!!)

if i hadn't graduated in May, i would be back to school as of last week. i thought at this point i would have a job but no such luck! so i have decided to make use of my funemployment. one such way, is by tie dying the shit out of some of my white clothing. i'd actually been planning for ages to tie dye this white moto jacket. i got it at H&M during my first trip to NYC back when i was i think 14 or 15? i was going through this "punk rock" phase and bought myself the jacket and a pair of skinny jeans (before anyone in Vancouver was wearing them. ohmygoshsocoolandindieandcuttingedge!). anyhow, since then i forgot it in my friends car and then it ended up in her trunk along with her takeout pesto pasta and put her in the driver's seat of Rhonda ( and my jacket came out with a few oil stains. but miss Kara, being awesome, tried her best to get it out but it wasn't quite the same! so THANK YOU Kara! without you i would never have been inspired to do THIS:

(umm kind of Proenza, am i right?? paired with vintage levis shorts, my trusty locket and a thrifted Prada silk top. also dyed a chunk of my hair with said time, but instead of turning cotton candy pink, it's more like the colour of my top. weird, i know).

(also decided to throw in this top because i was planning on donating it as it is a very awkward shape. turned out kind of amazing and looks awesome with this belt that my dad bought my mom in the 70s!).

(didn't realize it until after i dyed it, but i think this top is like SUPER old. like... turnofthecentury old. it's completely hand made, and look at all those details! you don't see anything like that anymore!).

(belt that dad gave mom).

(my ring collection that i have been working on! just got that bottom one today in a cobbler store on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. it seriously looked like the rings in display window hadn't been touched in over 30 years).

(bottom left in my second hole is an earring i bought from the Julie Nolan Jewelry stand at some street fair this past weekend. and my safety pin earrings are from Dear Fieldbinder, in Cobble Hill. the two silver hoops on my other ear are totally ugly but i just got those holes pierced yesterday!)

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