dreams unwind and love is hard to find.

around April or May my friend Amanda Henderson asked me if i would model for a shoot she had to do for her photo class. the theme was "lighting" and "motion". i think... i could be wrong haha. she told me she got this full length white dress with flowers on the bottom so i suggested we go to Prospect Park. we made our way towards the pond and found this awesome mucky nook. by the end of the shoot i was covered in mud (but those pics were taken on a different camera). these are my faves. this has got to be the prettiest i have felt!

(my favourite... i look like a Gibson Girl!)

(in this shot i was swinging from a branch. i look like i'm levitating though!)

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Razzmatazz Vintage said...

these are amazing dani!! you look gawwwgeous