man, he's like tripendicular, ya know?


okay, so let's be straight. Nicolas Cage is UBER annoying. "there is a map - on the back - of the declaration - of independence." i pretty much base my life on how i can squeeze in a National Treasure quote into everyday conversation and i essentially flat out refuse to watch movies starring him (with the exception of Adaptation - that movie rocks). however, i let my "no Nic Cage" rule slide yet again. when a good friend (like Netflix) is continuously urging you to see a movie that they insist you will love and award 4 stars, sometimes you might compromise. it's called being "open-minded" and "easy going." so i watched Valley Girl. and HOT DAMN. mr. Cage was one mysterious/dangerous/sexy/sultry-yet-still-talking-like-a-dumbass teenager... but with dreamy bedroom eyes and enough teenage angst to put Avril back in Napanee, Ontario (population 5,000). very cute movie... typical 80s teen movie, aka "we can't be together because my friends don't like you/i'm too poor/school is my priority!" and all that jazz. but our two badass Hollywood boys that come to bust a party in the Valley are damn cute and with rad style. why Randy goes for Julie (BORE ALERT) i have no clue. but it's cute regardless. and her quinoa-eating, pot-smoking, yoga-practicing hippie parents are delightful to boot!

(love the way Fred dresses... love the necklaces over the high-collared shirt in top right!)

soundtrack to live by:

eyes of a stranger - paul hyde

i melt with you - modern english

who can it be now? - colin hay

love my way - john ashton

jukebox (don't put another dime) - bobby orlando

the fanatic - blea

girls like me - bonnie hayes

(in the last scene at prom, i DIE for the singer's plastic scenic skirt!)

best quotes:

Randy: [to Julie after she dumps him] well fuck you! fer sure -- like totally!

Fred: hi, i'm Fred. i like tacos and '71 Cabernet. my favorite color is magenta.

Tommy: bitchin'! Is this in 3D?
Randy: no, but you're face is.

Julie: like they're staring right at us.
Stacey: gross! let's move.

Tommy: it appears as though you forgot our french fries and a coke, fishhead.
Randy: oh, well, Peter Piper picked a pepper, i guess i did!

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