don't i look tasty like a French bon-bon? even more sweeter then a cherry bomb.

re: the title of this post... i'm just really excited that i got tickets to see Robyn, okay??

today's outfit. realized through my pining for the Fall that while summer is still here i better grab the hell onto it. got the slutty top from my mom in the mail the other day and decided to base the rest of the outfit around it. i called my mom and was like "hiiii mom, i'm wearing that skanky top that you sent me in the mail!" and she was all, "well i hope you were wearing something under it, it's meant for layering!" and i was like... "duhh i was just going to!" (as said in Cher Herowitz' voice). but i didn't really...

(my expression is truly awkward... embarrassed about that. the boater hat is from a thrift store in Montreal, the top is Press, the silk, striped bra is Sonia Rykiel for H&M, the shorts are vintage Levis, the purse was a birthday gift from my friends Amanda and Chelsey, and the mint green spectators are Top Shop. not sure about the bubblegum tights).

then i trekked out to Queens to hang with my girl Amanda and her room was super jazzed up since the last time i visited. she would be such an awesome candidate for Style Like U or even the Selby. i am obsessed with these shoes that she found at Reminiscence so i had to try them on but now i'm planning how i will steal them from her... working on it.

(gahhhh... fringe!).

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