don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, hhhoney.

(far left. these shoes were made for me specifically).

NO BIGGIE JUST DYING FOR THE PRADA SPRING 2011 SHOW I'M OKAY JUST NEED A SPLASH IN THE FACE!!!! really though, damn! the colours were killer, the silhouettes rocked. loved the Josephine Baker reference with her little silhouette and all the bananas (and monkeys? YES!). how it works with the 90s matching sets and the somehow over all badass/punk rock vibe, WHO KNOWS?! also, heard Miuccia was partially inspired by hospital scrubs?? well if anyone can pull that off!

(my two fave looks! i adore these simple dresses. the cut, how it's not too tight but shows off the shoulders and the length, how it just hits the knee. i know one would expect i would go for some bright coloured ensemble but i adore how well these show off the shoes which were clearly the best part of this collection!!)

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