hey glumface! next time there's a rainbow look up! you'll feel better... and you might see me too!

most people who know me are aware of my eternal love of rainbows, stemmed from my adoration of miss Rainbow Brite. always been a big fan, and numerous times i have thought about dressing as her for Halloween. many people assume that i have but the truth is, i have never dressed as Rainbow Brite. actually, my first project i ever did for FIT was inspired by the little star girl... and now i am working on my doll collection. so far i have a large Rainbow Brite, and a small Red Butler and Patty O'Green. i don't know why i just LOVE them!!

(i don't know who these people are but something tells me we would get along famously).

(i realize it's creepy that these photots are all of children but the best costumes were made in the 80s and it's before RB had a cult following so pretty much just kids ventured to wear her outfit).

(not Rainbow Brite but and amazing orange crayon and Cindy Lauper. i want to know who their parents are!!)

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