of the scene, as she turns, we are strange in our worlds.

i know i mentioned this before in my best of NY fashion week fall 2010 - according to me, but i'd just like to reiterate how much i love Chris Benz. there's something about his collections each season that always gets me drooling. i think what i appreciate most about his clothing is that it's really about the girl who's wearing it... she's clearly edgy and spunky and loves clothing, but she's not necessarily a trend stalker. he obviously took the 90s trend this season and decided to play with that but he's doing it completely differently here then, say, A Wang, or Richard Chai Love... i also love that the Chris Benz girl is somewhat of a chameleon and she's clearly excited by pushing the envelope a little each season... sometimes i even wonder at first if i like something at all only to realize, "shit, that's actually freaking awesome!". and despite all that, these are just freaking awesome clothes, everything fits beautifully! and anyone who can get me to admire intense over-beading and pailettes, and tolerate fur, has succeeded in my books!

i feel like if i were to wear any of these outfits i'd need to listen to this song:

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