hello, daddy. hello, mom. i'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

saw the Runaways on Sunday night! i think it's still limited distribution but should be in theatres everywhere pretty soon. as soon as i heard Dakota Fanning was playing a skanky/coke-head/rockstar, i was all like, "hell yeah, Joy, i'll see that with yah!". now while it was no cinematic genius and Kristen Stewart still gets under my skin just as much as the next greasy teenager, the shoes were the stars of the show. i kid you not, those were some badass platforms. inspired by the flick, i created an "If I Were a Runaway Today" outfit collage... I seriously do not feel like identifying where i got each piece since it seriously took me so long to find everything, and put it all together, so if you have any inquiries, well... inquire! (woah, serious italics there).

(the real Runaways!)


hayley said...

i wanna see this. just for the way they look. i don't actually care if the movie's good ha

dani d. said...

if that's why you want to see it then you will be VERY satisfied. so go see it, girl.