elvis ain't the rage and polyester ain't the look.

vintage Levis jean jacket -, checkered blouse - Uniqlo, various printed T-s (fleetwood mac, stevie nicks, elvis costello, kut vonnegut) -, sunglasses 1 - Karen Walker, sunglasses 2 -, straw hat - Uniqlo, faux leather moto vests - Uniqlo, cuffed chinos - Urban Outfitters, striped pants - Wood Wood @ Opening Ceremony, cuffed shorts - Wood Wood @ Opening Ceremony, cropped sweater - Top Shop, spoon bracelet - labyrinthvintage at, safety pin nose rings - hotwired on, long-strap suede bag - Master-Piece for Opening Ceremony, tree stump ring - Digby & Iona, creepers - T.U.K. apologies for the extreme random order i went about doing that.

this is what i would like to be wearing in the next few months as it starts to get warmer (and that darned snow finally starts to disappear for good!). somewhat inspired by early 90s punk rock, MxPx circa Teenage Politics, Green Day circa Dookie, Rancid circa ...And Out Come the Wolves. but clearly super girlie and fairly 2010... not-to-mention... not so sure if Tim Armstrong or Mike Herrera would sport a Stevie Nicks shirt. i am serrrriously considering buying a new creeper-type shoe though. the selection they have at Trash and Vaudeville is insannne!! a millions styles and colours!


Dani Blum said...

getting back to your Ramone-esqe roots i see

dani d. said...

perhaps i should upload a picture of myself in said stage?