the dark side of the rainbow.

a while back i posted about my Fall 2011 collection, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, with a few pics from my sketchbook etc. this semester is our first without an actual art and design class, but we're using our already created portfolio to develop an "E-portfolio". here are a couple of pieces i've worked on. the video below is actually embedded into the image above it, but i can't for the life of me figure out how to actually post that "interactive file" on the blog. ehhh i'll figure it out eventually. you can see the video bigger here: the girl who loved wild horses slideshow.

this here (below) is another assignment we had. sort of a "leave behind" meant to kind of give you a taste of my style and skillz. the original artwork and designs were actually done a year ago in my Junior year, but i still really like the project! i think it was like during the 80s that someone realized that when you play the film of the Wizard of Oz muted, and then listen to the Dark Side of the Moon record at the same time, the visuals of the movie combined with the music on the record correspond in this crazy seemingly intentional fashion. so despite the fact that i have never actually done this (i know, i know, Holden Caufield! i am a phony!), that whole concept was my inspiration behind this collection. and they call it Dark Side of the Rainbow (hence the name of my collection), and other names for it are the Dark Side of Oz and The Wizard of Floyd (a personal fave).

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Maggie May said...

very cool mix of art! i had the GWLWH growing up and it was one of my favorite books, that i now read to Lola.