a little less conversation, a little more action.

(Kogepanic flickr - something tells me this is not actually human-sized, however).

my roomies and i have been discussing our big move out of our apartment come June/July, and we have decided that this time we need to set our priorities straight as to what we truly need out of an apartment. we want to pay less rent, live in the same area, have sufficient storage, good natural lighting, decent sized rooms (including the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces), etc. we've all agreed on those. now i just have to work on getting the two of them to agree that it is essential... nay, VITAL, that our new place comes equip with a built-in conversation pit.

conversation pit def'n

a usually sunken portion of a room or living area with chairs, sofas, etc., often grouped around a fireplace, where people can gather to talk.


Dani Blum said...

i wawnt one!

☮✿☮ said...

whaaaaa!! i want one tooo
swanky :P
and yes it is<3
its become my very favorite dress<3