the future of fashion(s).

i might be a little MIA for the next week or two! the reason being... my first senior collection garment has to be 95% done by Wednesday of next week! and my 2nd (Cotton Inc) garment has to be 75% done. wooopie! i have a lot left to do... but on that note! another reason i might not be spending as much time on my personal blog is that i've been made a contributor for the newly established FIT BFA Fashion Show blog!! it's been really fun thus far, i've pretty much just been updating it whenever i have made some notable progress on my garments.

now this is exciting on it's own, but the best part is that one of my girls, Krickie (who also has a kickass blog,
freakybananakins), has been interning at Refinery29, and told them about our site! Krickie was granted permission to write a post about us, and from there we've gotten even more press! a day or two later, NBC New York wrote about us, and yesterday, the Sundance Channel's Full Frontal Fashion, did another blurb!

extra! extra! read all about it!

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krickie said...

DANI!! i'm so proud of you. you're gunna be famous GURL.