you're earning your stripes, you're counting your stars.

the Hudson's Bay Company point blanket is undoubtedly one of the most iconic Canadian symbols, like... ever. so naturally, i've wanted one for eons. ever since i moved to America (said in FES' accent, obvi... cause i am the Foreign Exchange Student) i've been kind of proud to sport things that reveal that I AM CANADIAN. i'd been searching ebay for the perfect one, and on trips home, i've crossed my fingers on countless junking hunts with my mom that one of us would scan a rack only to find those signature primary coloured stripes. no such luck (not to toot my own horn but usually with this amount of time i would have had yes much luck. my most proud moments include finding a 1984 Vancouver World's Fair shirt at Cheep Jacks several months after my sister mentioned she would die for one).

(the blankets were typically traded to First Nations and Native Americans for beaver pelts).

(i couldn't resist posting this one).

(this is probs from the Sartorialist or facehunter).

on a trip to Moscow, Idaho (where my sister resides), i found myself a knockoff of the blanket. it held me over shortly, but when i was home over Christmas break and saw the new editions they were featuring at the Bay in lieu of the upcoming Olympics, the urge struck me once again. i mentioned these new coats to my mom and a few weeks later, back in Brooklyn, mom calls me and confesses that she "COULDN'T RESIST" and she's bought me one because "the price was super-reduced!!" and "SO WHAT IF IT DOESN'T FIT, YOU'VE WANTED ONE FOREVER" and "oh well yes it looks big but the shoulders are quite small and it doesn't fit me soo..." oh just wait until you get it in the mail, and don't tell dad! i don't want him to know... "okay so i ended up telling dad and he wasn't mad."

and so on, and so forth.

it came in the mail this morning at 8:15.

i jumped out of bed when the buzzer rang because i had a sneaking suspicion that it was that glorious wool coat and i stumbled to the intercom and was like "whaaat??" and then i ran downstairs and tripped on my PJS because the guy on the other end had said MAIL and OMG there's a big box at my front door from Canada so i'm just going to sprint upstairs with the box and grab my WOOPS THESE ARE FABRIC SCISSORS who cares and what's this? oh, a litre of agave nectar (thanks mom!) and OMFGWTFBBQLOL IT'S MY COAT!!!

(the sweater i'm wearing underneath i made last semester as my term project. the fibre is bamboo and the tree is made up of a series of cables and arans and the shadow is all reverse jersey).


Liina said...

Just came over here after reading your comment on stylerookie. GOOD GOD THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL COAT!!! Lucky gal ;)

Steph said...

Great coat!!!! May I be so bold to ask how much it cost??

dani d. said...

be bold, always!! my mom got it for me as a gift, i think she said she paid $250 which is a stinking lot of money but apparently it was like $500 originally! thanks for checking out my blog!