sometimes the most beautiful thing (the most innocent thing).

it's pretty clear to most people who know me that i am fascinated by the 70s. i seriously don't know what it is. there's something about the time period that has me wishing i were born 40 years earlier. back in October my mom (and her friends) visited me in Brooklyn (they stayed in Cobble Hill. how cool is my mom?). with her, she brought this magazine, circa 1972. it's Seventeen's: Make It! edition. aka, DIY DREAM! it's going to take me ages to scan every single page (because believe me, every page needs to be scanned) so i thought i'd do it step by step. so here's your first taste!

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John Foster said...

Well, I lived it. People having sex like there was no tomorrow... the fashions were horrible, big cars, bad bad typography everywhere, disco music, polyester, the emergence of a "gay" disease called AIDS (first wave of AIDs related deaths were killing our friends); crazy patterns, the breakup of the Beatles, ugly American involvement in VietNam, just crazy.... glad it is gone.