what's up, Suess Pepper Marten?

it's hard to believe that over 50 years ago, the fist Dr. Marten was created. and by a doctor in the German army during WWII at that. fed up with his uncomfortable standard-issued army boots, Klaus Märtens created a new boot with softer leather and air-cushioned soles. eventually they went into production, using discarded rubber from Luftwaffe airfields. and i always assumed they were a British shoe from birth, but the first Dr. Martens boots weren't released in the UK until 1 April, 1960 (hence the name of the boot, 1460)! the boots became huge hits in the 70s with the punk movement, then later in the early 90s with the grunge scene, and once again, everyone is rocking their docs. not that they will ever be out of style... these kick-ass boots are true classics.

(it was this shot of Sienna Miller in Nylon that had me literally hunting for these discontinued gems. i never did succeed, though i got them in white).

(monochromatic crayon, rainbow, primary colour loovvveee).

(Raf Simons pairs with Dr. Marten).

(Raf Simons pairs with Dr. Marten).

(coming soon!)

(Doc-inspired Marc Jacobs FW 06).

(Doc-inspired Chloe FW 07).

(saw a girl wearing these outside Opening Ceremony the other day and they looked totally comfortable. she was doing heavy lifting and shit. believe it).

(See by Chloe FW09).

(AND FINALLY WE ARRIVE. Proenza Schouler Pre Fall. see you in my dreams).


krickie said...

LOVE the proenza!! gahhh!!

Isabel said...

Oooh, the Raf Simons ones are unbelievably beautiful!