this must be it, welcome to the New Year.

though a few days late, i have finally decided to compile all of my many, many New Years Resolutions.

1. no chocolate for 2 months - though a little trivial, my friend, Shiva, and i are challenging ourselves and each other to reach this goal. sounds simple enough but not for us. chocolate is a drug for me. when i've accomplished something, chocolate is my reward. when i'm depressed or feeling rejected, chocolate consoles me. when i'm famished, chocolate fills me up. when i'm drained, chocolate revitalizes me. when i'm bored, chocolate entertains me. needless to say, i predict the withdrawal to commence shortly.

(just about the only thing that makes me repulsed by chocolate).

2. eat healthier - for the most part, this means preparing my food myself. i eat a lot of take out, and have no idea the crap that is in the food i eat. i also think i simply need to learn how to cook! not that i can't... i just need some practice.

3. use a new word every week - Shiva and i plan to help expand eachother's vocab by learning a new word every week. for the month of January, i will email her the word every Monday, and starting February, it will be her term. by the end of 2010 we're going to sound like the fancies peeps you've ever had the pleasure of conversing with. even if that means only understanding eachother.

4. reduce my dependence on the interweb - i think i rely too heavily on the fact that anything i need to know, i can search for on google. this, in turn, has had an affect on my memory, and i feel like i don't really absorb things the way i should. i'll look something up and it will vanish from my brain in a second because i can be secure with the fact that i could always look it up again. the internet's not going anywhere! but, i hate this. i think that by doing this, i've sort of been underestimating the capacity and the power of my brain.

5. write everything down.

6. every new CD/record i purchase, i have to listen to for the first time without engaging in any other activities.

7. realize that i don't actually know what's best for everyone - or if i really probably do, know that it's not my place to meddle. people will change when they want to, and for now, i should just focus my attention on the admiration oi have for my loved one's stre

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