my brain's the cliff, and my heart's the bitter buffalo.

my ode to buffalo plaid... or some might refer to it as a lumberjack check. an ever-existent part of the Canadian uniform and currently a hipster staple. i've always been a plaid wearer (and a Canadian, at that) and red has always been a constant in my wardrobe. so needless to say, this glorious check finds it's way in often! but this wonderful woven has come a long way from your classic button-up flannel. oh yes it has. look at all these variations!

(yes, this is a tad creepy. but, hey, it illustrates my point!)

(the new Canadian look sold at Roots Canada... most likely in preparation of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics).

(Pendleton for Opening Ceremony. i die).

(Ann-Sofie Back's totally fresh take on Buffalo Plaid. from the Opening Ceremony website).

(Ralph Lauren Fall 2008. not usually a huge fan but this stuff is fantastic).

(a Lookbook.nu member's take on the plaid).

(so as a complete generalization, i'm not usually impressed by the way people dress in Vancouver, but i found this shot on a Vancouver blog: StyleQuotient.ca. damnnn she's cute!)

(always subtle Susie Bubble from StyleBubble.co.uk).

(my roommate, Joy, who always look fab, even in this pic which was taken like 4 years ago! still a great look!)

(a more classic take brought to you by Todd, myself, and Erik!)

that, my friends, concludes my ode to buffalo plaid.

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