pick a colour, any colour.

... and we're back! haha we'll see how long this lasts. who knows, maybe this will be the post that pushes me back into blogging! so here's the scoop... as usual, i'm doing my leisurely pre-homework procrastination, and decided to check out what miss Susie was up to on Style Bubble. that's when i read about her 10-Colour-Challenge. seemed like the perfect tool for avoiding my piles of work for at least another half hour, so i headed to my closet to see what i could come up with. anyone that knows me is fully aware that i am NOT afraid of colour: both in my wardrobe and my designs. however, pulling out solid coloured pieces? no prints or patterns? herein lies the true challenge.

here's what i came up with! (thanks to Joy for her
awesome camera and photography skillz).

(fyi, clearly this is not my room because needless to say... it was covered in clothes post-creation of this outfit).

(silk blouse - vintage Prada, sweater - thrifted in Vancouver, yellow shorts - thrifted in Montreal, brand: Sex Magick (yup), orange tights, brick red over-the-knee socks - American Apparel, shoes - Charlotte Ronson, coat - thrifted at the Salvation Army, purple suede purse - thrifted at the Garage Flea Market in Chelsea).

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Maggie May said...

love love it. i think i need to make a character in my novel dress like ya.