creative potters.

so i often find myself browsing etsy for really awesome stuff which there tends to be a plethora of. in my 'favourites basket' there are pages of vintage and handmade things that are totally rad. i finally convinced myself to purchase something just for the excitement of unwrapping a package delivered to my doorstep, so i transferred some money into my Paypal account. only to wait a few days for the money to process and find out that this wonderful piece i had my eye on had sold! so i sent a message to the creator and sure enough, she made one just for me! check it out:

(amazing, no?)

i thought the cacti were perfect... low maintenance and super dangerous looking. Clayflower22 has a lot of awesome ones, so i suggest checking out her store. but it also got me thinking that if i had the space, and the patience to care for plants, it would look totally awesome to have them in some kischy-looking mugs! (like my carebears mug which now serves the purpose of pen-holder). like imagine some of these with some awesome snap dragons or succulents crawling out! i guess for a lot of them you'd have to somehow drill holes for drainage.

(from vintagejane).

(from revivalfinds).

(from lookinglasshouse).

clearly i have a fascination with things emerging from heads.

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Maggie May said...

that crying face kind of scares me!