a charmed hour, a haunted song.

this is one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs, and some of the best Nicks footage one can find on youtube. this woman was, and still is, an epic rockstar. i saw them at the iZod Centre back in March (when i was on blogging hiatus), and she moved me to tears. i kid you not, if i could be one person for a day, it would be her (circa the 1977 Rumours tour.. but that would mean i wouldn't be dating Lindsey Buckingham... i might have to revise this plan).

(the best bits are when Stevie and Lindsey get really into it from 2:39-3:14 and when Stevie dances at 4:23).


Anonymous said...

love this

John Foster said...

you are not the only one who digs Stevie... I loved Rumours then, love it now. If I could spend the day with one person... mmm-m-m.

Maggie May said...

Rumours was such an important collection for me in high school

Jowy said...


One Love,