i am a Thing-Finder, and when you're a Thing-Finder, you don't have a minute to spare.

well Pippi, i can certainly relate to that!

for my Spring 2010 collection i chose a sort of Pippi-esq theme. sure, it sounds a little hokey. but take a minute and get to know Pippi because she's freaking awesome as can be. this whole Pippi craze started when i was in the Netherlands this summer and found several postcards from the movie that provided the most wonderful colour story. then while looking after these Swedish kids i babysit, i thought it was a sure sign when the 4-yr-old girl was watching Pippi Langstrumpf the movie. though completely in Swedish, it's pretty clear that Pippi's a unique breed... plus, being set in the early 70s in Sweden, there is so much to be inspired by!

(okay, yeah... she might be a little creepy).

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Maggie May said...

Pippi was so important to me growing up. I LOVE her!!!