i am now, and will always remain... a duckman.

last Thursday was the Charlotte Ronson sample sale. i went to her sale in the summer and got those awesome platforms i wore in the Pick a Colour challenge for only $30, so i was eager to see what was to offer from Fall/Holiday. peeps these gems i snagged for $40!!

(yeah, well so what if i don't get a lot of wear out of them? aka they're pretty darn high and oh maybe just a tad too small...)

(and then my friend, Megadeth, came in wearing these. amazing, no? they looked totally awkward on my feet so i sold them to her a couple of years ago. she totes rocks them).

(then i couldn't help but wonder if her shoes and my new special edition Jeffrey Campell shoes had a baby, they'd pretty much equal the shoes of the Duckman, no?)

(damn right!)

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krickie said...

those ronson shoes are you in shoe form.

i love them!