adventures of a freewheeling ginger.

hi hi hi!

sorry, been on VACA. no biggie. here's my Spring 2011 collection! actually i ended up doing really well in my portfolio class. i worked super hard on fixing up all of my mistakes, and printing it out all fancy-like, and glueing each page back to back. errgggg gluing can be grueling! anywho, i've set up an interview for the day i get back to NY so i'm actually sort of excited to show it off! i won't say yet who i'm interviewing with but let's just say it's my first choice for an internship and my fingers are like crossed all over eachother like a million times (you think that's not possible, but i'm actually quite serious. yeah i'm double jointed in my hands, big whoop).

so remember when i was saying how obsessed i was with the original Pippi Longstocking? so here's what happened with

(actually this is only half of the designs, but you get the idea.)

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Paola and Denisha said...

I see a lot of high-waisted whatnots going on ! Very, very unique (;