something new to get you through the day.

i have two new additions to my life. they are very special, and they came into my life with a bang, and ever since i have required them with me every day. their names: Andew Bird's Noble Beast and Useless Creatures, and Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillion.

when it comes to Andrew Bird, i expected nothing less. i saw him perform at the Highline Ballroom back in October and he put on a sensational show, a lot of songs which would end up on this record. usually i get a little bummed when all i hear is new songs, but it was a good mix of old and new, and some of the songs were so catchy that it felt as if i knew them already! (ex. Oh No and Anonanimal). i've got to say, i was little worried that he might think the whole whistling thing was overdone (it is one of the things he is known for), but thank heavens he did not give it up! in fact i think the first four songs have a high dosage of whistling!

animal collective is a band i've always been interested in (though i'd become more of a fan of Panda Bear's solo stuff), but i am blown away by this album. so catchy that i could break into chorus (with my voice only... and the ones in my head) in the middle of the N train in the morning. catchiest tunes: lion in a coma, my girls and brothersport. i also can't get enough of: summertime clothes, bluish and guys eyes, and.. to be perfectly honest, there is not one song that i don't like. it's pure genious. i can't friggen WAIT to see them in May at Terminal 5!!
cheers! i think i'll wear something b
right so as to bring some sunlight to this otherwise GREY day.

*correction - i saw Andrew Bird at the Hiro Ballroom.


The Girl said...

Can I just say I LOVE the header?!? It's fantastic times 763424.

<3 the girl

ed said...

I like the name of your blog as well ... visuals meets words. It is so YOU dani.

The Girl said...

haha, thank you for the sweat comment.

As far as advice goes; comment on the blogs you like, but don't just comment to comment and get noticed because that screams desperate. the more times you comment the more people will read your blog. But blogging (at least for me) isn't all about readers and comments, it's about getting ideas out there and getting feed back. Feel free to spend a bit of time just trying to get a blog that you enjoy writing. I had a whole other blog before I started Adventures of Me and E. that basically just severed the purpose of letting me try things out and see what style of blogging I like. Pretty much stay true to what you like, having an authentic blog is what differentiates you from the millions of others in cyberspace.
hope that helps, if you have any other questions just ask.

<3 the girl.