more of this.

i went into my local record/cd store (Music Matters, Park Slope) the other day with two items in mind. the guy who works there was restocking some shelves, and i swing open the door and look him square in the eyes and say, "new Vetiver, and new Beirut." i felt a sense of power - i knew what i wanted! and i think he might have felt a little threatened by my forwardness on account of he literally dropped what he was doing, scurried behind the counter and met my demand! see, usually i will go in... kind of futs around, maybe check out the record section, glance at the wall of "new releases" and of course look at every single CD in the used section, and leave with 2..3... maybe even four items (minimum of one!) that i most likely did not even intend on purchasing. not today. i am a girl who knows what she wants! and i paid, got my "buy 15 CDs get on free!" card stamped (i think i only need to buy 4 more!) and was on my way.

now i've only listened to the new Beirut once, and i'll bite my toungue and not say anything quite yet. Vetiver, on the other hand, was a little easier of a listen (i guess i gave away my initial reaction to Beirut...). i'm really enjoying Tight Knit. the catchiest, cutsiest, fun(est), song of the lot would have to be More of This. and believe me, i want more of this (you knew that was coming, settle down). not-to-mention, i also really enjoy the album art. sample it here!

Vetiver - More of This

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Amelia said...

I love the picture. Sometimes I buy CDs based entirely on the cover. It's more fun that way.