my day started with an, "oh, shit!" how did yours begin?

i don't know what compelled me to give my very first blog this title, (mot a ta mere) but i guess i feel it's all encompassing. and the william eggleston photograph just seemed to fit too perfectly.

i'm not entirely sure where this will take me. all i know is that i had this feeling that emerged from deep within... to start a blog. i guess in general terms i see myself 'blogging' about music, fashion, art, literature, photography: what i'm listening to, which concerts i saw, fave new designers, or maybe new things i'm working on... we'll see. i think i just need an outlet for creativity where i can just do it all. no rules. no boundaries... here's to new things!

(the fauxlaroid above is take in my room by me!)

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John Foster said...

Hey Dani-

If you are writing at 3 am— you are a blogger. Follow the urge.