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i'm about to get all defensive on behalf of Tavi Gevinson (yes, that is a link to her Wikipedia page). this might be laughable, but for seriousness people, if it weren't for this chick, i wouldn't have started this blog. so Tavi's been getting a shit tone of flack for this and that (getting free shit, missing school to go to Fashion Week shows, wearing a massive bow at a couture show which simply made her the same size as the regular adults around her...). today Tavi posted a bit of a defensive response on her blog and disabled the commenting on the post. not sure why she decided to do this, but regardless, several people commented on yesterday's post in response. i posted with the following (oh no, not lengthy at'all):

i don't think it's fair to get after Tavi like that (re: Mort). to accuse her of PLACING herself in an adults world and needing to grow up herself is simply insanity. i've been following Style Rookie for a while now and from the beginning she's been damn clear that her intent was to spread her love of clothing, art, music and, like she states, "fun". i think it's necessary to remind yourself that this girl is 13. i only wish that i could say that i had an ounce of the guts and creativity that she has when i was her age, let alone now. as an aspiring designer, i think it's pretty fucking unreal that i can safely state that she is my number one source of inspiration - i am almost ten years her senior. i come to this blog when i need a reminder as to why i'm in this in the first place. she may get a little defensive at times, but ask yourself, when you were 13, would you have had the courage to step into your middle school rocking blue hair, a neon shirt and an oversized leather jacket? imagine what her peers must say about her? Tavi, if i have any advice for you, it would be to just keep on doing what you're doing. if you're able to deflect the criticisms you get from the kids at school, i have faith you can do the same with these "grown-up" haters. just simply ignore it, and your true fans will continue to seek inspiration from you.

a selection of some of my fave Tavi outfits through the years:

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kirstyb said...

gotta love tavi shes such a cutie and dam does she know how to write xxx