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so let's just begin with stating that Yeasayer is pretty much... the most amazing band on the planet. no big deal. believe it or not, i was introduced to Yeasayer a few years ago by my father. bonkers, i know. although the more i listen to it, the more it makes sense: i grew up listening to music from all over the world because of my dad, and with influences ranging from African to Middle Eastern to Indian music, it really makes sense why my dad was drawn to them. so i have been waiting three years for this new album to drop, therefore i cannot be judged for downloading it when the album leaked!! right?! anyhow, at first listen i was a little flustered. "why is this so poppy??" "is that a freaking love song??" "this is not aggressive and chant-y and chorus-y... where are you, Yeasayer??" "this sounds like Cut Copy, why does this song sound like Cut Copy?!" shhhh... be calm, i convinced myself. give it another listen. and i did. it all started to make sense (however i needed to skip over the song, ONE, for sounding like Cut Copy so as not to bother me too much). i listened to it for a full week and my opinion completely altered.

now, the show. which actually has a lot to do with my current opinion of the album. the show was... a religious experience. now a few beers might have affected my judgment a tad, but i actually felt like i was on another planet. plus i saw them in December of 2008 and i was fairly close to sober and i felt the same way then! honestly though, the show was too short. i actually felt like i could have gone on dancing and absorbing for the entire night. i actually feel like i was on the cusp of reaching Nirvana. no joke.

okay no one is going to take me seriously, but please see this band if you get a chance. i can't stop listening to the LP which i purchased at the show (redemption?? right??), and i'm actually extremely excited for the next show in May (which i purchased tickets for in December). if you enjoy crashing drumbeats, extreme build up and anticipation, catchy-as-fuck melodies, sensual voices, addictive refrains, Afropop tendencies, gnarly rock guitars, combined with some cheesy lyrics, purchase this album. you won't be sorry.

ps. for the record, ONE is an incredible song and sounds nothing like Cut Copy.

I Remember - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

Madder Red - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

Rome - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

Wait For The Summer - Yeasayer. from dani des roches on Vimeo.

(All Hour Cymbals flashback!)

fyi, i should have a few more up on my Vimeo in a bit.

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