when i think about my life, i wanna kiss myself goodbye.

(jan. 12. lavender mohair sweater thrifted from Village Thrift in jersey).

i have been wanting to recreate Liv Tyler's outfit in Empire Records for TOO long now. i still don't think i'm quite there (i really wish this sweater was a tad more cropped for some of that "above belly button action") and i just don't think my skirt is QUITE short enough. but we're getting there. i actually flipped when i found this sweater. i really do love the colour and i'm DYING to try it out with my new lavender lipstick (yes, we'll get to that soon). despite the whole Empire Records reference, the sweater's just so simple with it's cut and crew-neck, but the subtlety of the colour and the mohair and the half-cardigan stitch... just makes it YUMMY!

(plaid printed denim skirt from Beacons Closet in Park Slope).

(i feel like this should be the cover of some "young-adult" novel about like totally not fitting in, and lusting over the prom king who completely doesn't even know i exist).

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